My fellow citizens,

Use your first amendment rights. It’s time to move past tweeting, posting, and shouting into the void.

This is Dear Article One—an easy way for anyone to write their local, state, and federal representatives by mail.

No printing.
No licking envelopes.
No stamps.
No post office runs.

Remind your reps who they work for. Be heard.

How it works

Write a letter & sign it!
Add your thoughts, questions, positions, and your John Hancock.
We’ll mail a physical letter
Pick out your representatives and we’ll print, stamp, and get it in the mail to them.
Push your friends and family to engage with the political process as well.


Why did we make this?

We thought that there was a disconnect between people who want to be able to reach out to their representatives and those who actually do.

While it’s objectively not difficult to write a letter and Google for information, many people don’t follow through and actually mail or contact their govermental representative.


Keeping things transparent.

Dear Article One is a not-for-profit organization registered in the state of California. We are working hard to keeping mailing costs low. Here is our current breakdown for the cost-per-letter.

$0.95Printing, postage, and mailing fees
$0.38Credit card transaction fees
+$0.67Web and legal fees
$2.00Cost per letter